Bread Blog

I bake quite a bit of naturally leavened, often times called "sourdough", bread outside of engineering. My starter is fed 50/50 rye and all-purpose twice a day. Her name is Mướp, which translates to "squash" (like the vegetable), and she lives on the counter, never in the fridge. If you're interested in a small portion of my starter, just swing by Detkin and let me know! Otherwise, Maurizio, a software engineer-turned baker, has a great guide on creating a starter from scratch.

As an engineer, I approach the majority of my trials scientifically by tracking temperature and time and controlling and varying certain variables. Take a peek into my mad bread journey here. But along the way, I've also been humbled by many many lessons in patience, forgiveness, and acceptance. (There's a reason it took 24 trials for me to finally settle on an okay country blonde!)

The google sheet below is where I log ratios that I am satisfied with after multiple repeat trials. I'm currently doing repeat success trials of my all-purpose country blonde (this is absolutely divine with almond butter and dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar) and working on a vegan sandwich bread.

A very very small smattering sample from my bread gallery.